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  1. NexStar AutoGuider & MJPG Video Streaming for Android

    Great News! I have an alpha build of NexStar AutoGuider, a native Android app which consumes an MJPG video stream and calculates optical flow to detect movement of celestial objects due to the rotation of the earth. It will automatically translate the optical flow x and y values to send…

    Raspberry Pi, nexstar, autoguider, android, telescope, mjpeg

  2. NexStar GPS, a Telescope App for Android

    Every clear evening I get a chance I take my telescope outside, plug it in, go through the location and date/time setup, then align my scope. Repetitive manual tasks annoy me! After about 20 iterations of this, I decided it was time to automate the location and date/time…

    Android, Telescope, nexstar, gps, app, wifi, skysync, Astrophotography, skyq link