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  1. WiFi Telescope Control with SkySafari 4

    In my previous post, NexStar SE, Meet Raspberry Pi, I detailed basically all of the components of my hardware configuration. You don't need all of this for StellarSocks, just USB to RS232 and computer, such as a Raspberry Pi or a laptop, will suffice. However, the purpose of all of…

    SkySafari, Raspberry Pi, StellarSocks, Stellarium, Raspbian, WiFi Telescope, GoTo Mount, Astrophotography, astronomy

  2. NexStar SE Telescope, Meet Raspberry Pi

    This being my first post, I'll give some brief background. For my birthday, my girlfriend bought me a telescope that I could hook up to my computer. My eyes lit up when I imagined the possibilies. This first post will detail my configuration and how I got the hardware to…

    Celestron NexStar 4SE, Camera Module for Raspberry Pi, Proto Armour, Raspberry Pi, WiFi Telescope, Telescope, Astrophotography, astronomy