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Tag: Android

  1. NexStar GPS, a Telescope App for Android

    Every clear evening I get a chance I take my telescope outside, plug it in, go through the location and date/time setup, then align my scope. Repetitive manual tasks annoy me! After about 20 iterations of this, I decided it was time to automate the location and date/time…

    Android, Telescope, nexstar, gps, app, wifi, skysync, Astrophotography, skyq link

  2. Android Studio Error on 64-bit Ubuntu

    I'm currently working on an Android app to replace the need for the $200 Celestron SkySync GPS Accessory. This app, coupled with StellarSocks, will allow us to update our GPS location and time on a NexStar GoTo telescope remotely. My development environment is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server, which only…

    Android Studio, Ubuntu, Android, Gradle, MultiArch