Never Enough Spacetime

Tales of an astronomer trapped in a programmer's body.

  1. NexStar AutoGuider & MJPG Video Streaming for Android

    Great News! I have an alpha build of NexStar AutoGuider, a native Android app which consumes an MJPG video stream and calculates optical flow to detect movement of celestial objects due to the rotation of the earth. It will automatically translate the optical flow x and y values to send…

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  2. Eyes Back on the Sky!

    This Blog is Alive It's been a very long time since I've last posted, but for what I would consider a few good reasons! I had a major stroke of bad luck in late January as I was nearing completion of my latest project, NexStar AutoGuider. The motor control board…

    on Raspberry Pi, ironman, autoguider, android, app, nexstar, telescope

  3. NexStar GPS, a Telescope App for Android

    Every clear evening I get a chance I take my telescope outside, plug it in, go through the location and date/time setup, then align my scope. Repetitive manual tasks annoy me! After about 20 iterations of this, I decided it was time to automate the location and date/time…

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  4. Android Studio Error on 64-bit Ubuntu

    I'm currently working on an Android app to replace the need for the $200 Celestron SkySync GPS Accessory. This app, coupled with StellarSocks, will allow us to update our GPS location and time on a NexStar GoTo telescope remotely. My development environment is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server, which only…

    on Android Studio, Ubuntu, Android, Gradle, MultiArch

  5. WiFi Telescope Control with SkySafari 4

    In my previous post, NexStar SE, Meet Raspberry Pi, I detailed basically all of the components of my hardware configuration. You don't need all of this for StellarSocks, just USB to RS232 and computer, such as a Raspberry Pi or a laptop, will suffice. However, the purpose of all of…

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  6. NexStar SE Telescope, Meet Raspberry Pi

    This being my first post, I'll give some brief background. For my birthday, my girlfriend bought me a telescope that I could hook up to my computer. My eyes lit up when I imagined the possibilies. This first post will detail my configuration and how I got the hardware to…

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